Turbulous - Reggae Dancehall artist


Joseph Alva, popularly known as Turbulous,
is a Reggae Dancehall singer and songwriter
from Antigua & Barbuda.

Turbulous, also called Turbulous General,
was born in 1968 in Saint-John’s.

Turbulous started to MC in the clubs of New York City, the Bronx in the 1980’s with his mentor Mr. Rockie. He use to MC with ShineHead, Gassie Ranks, Little John and a host of other artists, his favorite artist was King Yellowman, Johnny Ringo, Lone ranger, Sista Carol, Papa San and others. He MC-ed in clubs like Mount Felix Lounge, Penthouse Bambu Patch Zodiac 1 and 2 and others, his style is conventional and unconventional according to what he writes and the style of his lyrics.

In 1993 Turbulous lost his brother Vere Horsford ( aka Danger Demous ) to gun violence, so he went in the studio and recorded his first album called ‘Turbulous Raw As Ever’ Featuring his smash hit ‘’Every Step You Take’’ – a song dedicated to his brother ‘Danger’.

He then moved to Philadelphia and started to perform in the local Clubs – Magnum Force, Studio Seven, L and W, Yellow Bird, Upper Deck, Genesis and others! Turbulous took a break for a while and now he is back collaborating with others on his new Album soon to be released in the United States. He wants his fans to become familiar with his music and enjoy them, because although we all seek rewards for what we do – it is the love of music that drives him. At the age of twelve Turbulous came to the United States with his mom, and lived in New York City.

Now back in Antigua, his born island, Turbulous keeps focus writing new lyrics and producing his music. He is a Christian by faith and a Rasta at heart! As long as people are starving for Truth Justice and Equal Rights and a sense of betterment. Then that is good for Society!




Record Label
Drone Services • Sound & Image
Belfort – France

Contact by mail

Phone +336 46 00 29 68

Monday to friday | 10:00 am – 06:00 pm (UTC +1)