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Ras I-Maric

Origin: Jamaica, West Indies
Style: Reggae / Dancehall / World

Location: London, U.K.


Ras I-Maric is a very passionate Reggae singer/songwriter. Growing up in Jamaica, at the age of 13 he was always singing and free styling but didn't realise that he had a gift to write music and never took it seriously because of his other passion, football.
I-Maric was born and raised in the heart of Kingston Jamaica, growing up in Kingston 11 wasn't a bed of roses for him, he grew up in poverty but always tried to do the right thing and his main dream was to become a professional footballer. I-Maric played a lot of football in Jamaica before he migrated to England in 1999.
While living in England, I-Maric went to college to further his knowledge in computer studies and engineering. After leaving college, he started working, and still played football for various clubs. I-Maric was scouted at the age 25 and went on trials for two different clubs : Kettering Town FC and Brentford FC. Unfortunately, the trials were unsuccessful, I-Maric was coming back from a long-term injury, his fitness level was not up to the required standard.
In 2004, I-Maric was working for a mannequin manufacturer in west London. While at work I-Maric was always singing and dancing to music on the radio and sometimes free styling his own lyrics. One day, one of his close friends and co-worker told I-Maric that he has a true talent and that he should start writing his lyrics even if he didn’t want to take it seriously. That's when I-Maric got inspired to start writing songs and going to recording studios.
In 2007, I-Maric worked with Ms Paula Henry aka Suzie Q where they produced and released his first single and music video OH MAMA in Jamaica. The video was shown in the UK and the US as well as Jamaican TV channels. Working with Suzie Q opened many doors for I-Maric ; in 2008 he went to Queens, New York to opened a mothers day show with the recording Artist Daville. The following year, I-Maric recorded his second single called WICKED HAFFI RUN WEH on the Golden Gates Riddim in England produced by Zion House Production along with various artists such as international artist Determine. That project gave I-Maric’s career a lot of recognition locally and internationally.
In 2009, I-Maric decided to go back to Jamaica his born land, to try to further his musical career. I-Maric spent 9 months in Jamaica, linked up with Determine who took him to TruckBack Records in New Kingston to meet big producer Steve Locke. Steve Locke had heard I-Maric‘s music before but never knew who exactly I-Maric was. I-Maric spent most of his time at TruckBack Records learning his trade but still went to other studios such as Flava Squad, Alliance/Payday Music, and Arrows Records.
Back in England in 2009, I-Maric was approached for the third time by a promoter from Boston, Massachusetts about doing a one-month tour in several states doing some benefit shows for Haiti. I-Maric went and performed in Connecticut, Hartford, Boston, New York Manhattan, and Philadelphia which was an unforgettable experience.
I-Maric would like to say a big 'thank you' to every individual who is supporting his music. I-Maric will never stop writing on different topics and storylines for you all.

Thank you all God Bless.

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